A chest of drawers, more commonly known as (in North American English), a dresser or a small bureau, is simply a kind of kitchen furniture (a separate piece of furniture), with multiple drawers which are typically stacked one over the other in such a way that they cover the whole area of the room where they are placed. This type of furniture comes in a variety of styles and sizes, including those made from wood or metal, and are often made of solid wood or laminate veneers. Drapes can be used to shield the upper portions of these chests from the outside, although a complete covering may not always be required.

If you have a large family room or an entertainment space, a chest of drawers can make a practical solution to storing all the odds and ends that accumulate over the course of the day. If you don’t need to store anything too valuable, you might just want to keep your everyday linen and clothing in the drawers of this piece of furniture. For heavier items, you can even use the sideboards as a place for any books or manuals you may have on hand. You will appreciate this piece of furniture if you have a “junk” closet or a spare room, as it will organize your items while also providing an aesthetically pleasing display.

If you have a smaller office or home office, you will find the chest of drawers an excellent solution for storing both office supplies and personal items. Most people will agree that organization is one of the major keys to living a stress free life, and having a place to store everything you need for work, family and personal activities is an excellent way to keep things well ordered. When you are ready to buy new furniture for your home or office, make sure the drawers can also serve as a closet.

Like many traditional dressers, the chest of drawers will usually come in either black or white finishes. Dressers made of wood are extremely popular, but you can also purchase them in many more styles. You can choose from French, modern and contemporary styles. The most popular materials for dressers are oak, mahogany and cherry. You can purchase a simple dresser with simple straight lines or something that is more ornate, like an antique dresser.

Even if you don’t use the drawers for storing personal items, you will still find great use for this piece of furniture. Some people use their chests of drawers to store items they buy every day. A dresser is a wonderful way to store the smaller personal items of a woman, such as jewelry, perfume, makeup, wallets and other things. Some people even use their chests of drawers to store their clothes in, especially if they like to shop from home.

When you have a chest of drawers that you are using to store clothing or other items, you can choose to match the furniture to the color of the walls or to match the color of the dresser. If you are having a modern style bedroom, you could paint the dresser’s a lighter color and you could keep the rest of the room in neutral tones. If you have a traditional styled room, then you could use the traditional dark wood or light wood stain to give your collection of dressers with a traditional look.