Chest of drawers – a buyer’s guide

A chest of drawers is a staple for almost every household in this modern-day and age. It is considered a versatile furniture selection that adds swagger and style to the bedrooms in any random household. The designs are influenced by several factors and from this, you can find one with multiple sets of drawers or simply a minimal set both of which can be used for the storage of personal items and clothes. A wide-base design might also have a surface that can be used for displaying pictures or even placing flower vases if not ornaments and other jewelry. Combining various colors, wood finishes, or even mixing materials is a unique method of customizing.

Choosing The Best Chest Of Drawers

There are a couple of things you should consider while purchasing a chest of drawers. Some include;

  • Style
  • Ceiling height
  • Floor space
  • Camouflage strategy


You should decide on the chest of drawers design according to the interior design style of your home. At times, it might be a better fit to have more than one piece in your room. It might be a one-set color or two different colors that add a dimension of diversity. The mix and match strategy might line up a symmetrical set of drawers that is visually appealing as opposed to if it was just a single one.

Ceiling Height

A tallboy chest of drawers has a narrow base yet more height. They don’t take up too much space and are ideal for smaller rooms. However, before you consider stacking up more drawers for a larger capacity, it is necessary to measure the room’s height to avoid damaging the ceiling while moving the furniture. Also, you should consider the ease of access of the topmost drawers since you might be forced to step on a chair or small ladder to access this part.

Camouflage Strategy

In line with matching the furniture piece to the interior design concept style, it is advisable to have the chest of drawers in a similar color to the walls or wallpaper. This way, it blends seamlessly and you do not have to worry about it standing out too much. For instance, in a modern home, having a crisp white wall is reminiscent of a vintage style. It would match perfectly with a chest of drawers that has a dove white finish.

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